We are 3 years old and we want you to receive a special gift

So here we are. After great three years of ideas, testing, trying out, many successes and some failures I feel like we have had a great start.

It’s hard to remember the feeling of seeing the first prototype and testing it out but I know that I was nervous as hell. Little did I know that things will turn like they did. At the beginning it was just a simple hobby project :)

Today we are determined to build the best possible platform for radio apps. And we are going to do it. No matter what.

Thanks to everyone on the team here but especially I want to thank our clients. You recognized the potential and the opportunity. Without you there would be no MyRadioGoGo.

But you know. This is just the beginning of this great journey. This transformation of radio into a different, digital only future.

We want you to celebrate with us. That’s why this september we are doing “3 years” campaing with 30% off for orders until sept, 30th. And you can pay in 3 installments. Let’s build something really great together!?


How do we do it?

Working together on an app draft

It all starts with the basic idea of what functionalities and module you want in an app. Of course that gives us also the exact idea about the budget to work with. After that we work on the wireframe and basic layouts of the app (which tabs, what will be in each tab and where we will put something). We then hand over the work to the designers. Some radio stations prefer to work with their designers others like our designers on the team. We like working both ways. If you decide to work with your designer we will provide him or her with a specifications and templates to work with.

Approving design and going into production

After we all agree on the final design for your app we go into production. We configure your app in a couple of days usually so you can get the first demo in your hands. We have a special MyRadioGoGo demo app for testing. We make corrections if needed and after that we are ready for publishing.

Publishing to the App stores

We do all the work for you. As your developer company we publish the app for you in iOS App store, Android Google Play (Amazon if you ordered Kindle Fire versions) so you don’t have any paper work or additional costs with opening developer accounts. You get the message from us when the apps are on-line (it can take up to 10 working days for iOS app to be approved from Apple) so we can do some additional testing in a larger group before you decide to make a public announcement to your audience and start promoting your new mobile platform. At that point we send you congratulations and we open a bottle of nice wine to celebrate. We hope you do that to :)

Let’s go mobile together

The times have changed big time. Radio is not just about FM and transmitter and towers anymore. Today your listeners are deciding on which platform and on which device they will interact with you. So we are aware that we have to be on every possible platform.

But there are at least a couple of problems. We know. As radio people ourselves we’ve been there. That’s why three years ago we decided to make a perfect solution.

We’ve built a platform so you can create your mobile app by your design and functionality crafted to pixel perfection. MyRadioGoGo is the service that brings you the all in one solution for mobile (iOS & Android) and now also for Smart TV and desktop computers (browser WebPlayer).